Creating a gallery wall

I know I’m about the gazillionth person to do a gallery wall, but honest guv, I’ve wanted to do it for ages. Like in the days before Pinterest. (So that’d be a year and a half ago then. Seriously, I just Googled it and Pinterest started in September 2011.Wowzers!) So this is our gallery wall. […]

Style series: Monochrome

Mad about monochrome! Yep, here’s another trend that’s leapt from the catwalk to our home styling. I’m always really drawn to black and white – whether it be in my wardrobe or interiors, it’s a look that I love. It’s so easy but super chic! Our recent spare bedroom update had more than a touch […]

Dotty about spots

In true fashion blogger ‘what I’m wearing today’ style, I’ve been inspired by my trusty red Zara spotty blouse. It was a great find – not too expensive, colour and pattern. It’s one of my go-to wardrobe staples. I then thought about how this trend could extend to decor and kept coming back to children’s rooms and a shabby-chic cottage-y vibe. […]