A few of my favourite pins – 9

Hello Friday! Whoop. Today has been great. Fun team day at work + leaving early in the sun + drinking wine and making dinner with Mr J = Happy me. Here are my favourites this week… 1. Spots & stripes place setting Could it be any more perfect? I’m already thinking this has DIY written […]

A few of my favourite pins – 8

Happy Friday! Another week has flown by.  After a run of really busy weekends it’s time for a chilled out one. Starting with movie night tonight – we’ll crack open some wine, have dinner and settle down in front of a film we’ve seen too many times before! And then to really chill out I’m off to […]

A few of my favourite pins – 7

What a week! The first five-dayer in what seems like forever is finally over and I’m pooped. I’m totally ready for bed – is 7pm too early for a 30-something? Can’t we just all agree to work four-day weeks in future? They’re much more fun. I’ve been a busy bumble bee this week, so no […]

A few of my favourite pins – 6

What a difference an hour makes – I’m writing this and it’s still (just about) light outside. British Summer Time is here – now we just need a touch of summer! The lighter evenings have massively improved my bear-like winter-hibernation tendencies. And I’m a bit more inspired to get working on a few projects including […]

A few of my favourite pins 3

Well this week has flown by. With a gaggle of builders, deliveries, concrete, snow and an unexpected river – the extension is well and truly underway. I will post about it soon, there’s lots to tell! I didn’t think I’d pinned much this week, but I’ve got plenty to choose from. Here are some favourites… 1. […]

A few of my favourite pins 2 – Did Spring spring?

Do you remember Tuesday? When the sun finally shone. And the breeze was light. And we all thought about getting our summer wardrobes ready. So brief, but what a lovely reminder that there will be warm, sunny days ahead. Here’s some of my spring inspired pins from this week. 1. Patterned ceramic tile  Wow – how lovely […]