A few of my favourite pins – 8

Happy Friday! Another week has flown by.  After a run of really busy weekends it’s time for a chilled out one. Starting with movie night tonight – we’ll crack open some wine, have dinner and settle down in front of a film we’ve seen too many times before!

And then to really chill out I’m off to a yoga ‘camp’ this weekend to get my omm on. I can’t wait. I really love yoga and am very lucky that I get to go to a fab class in my village every week. Gym classes come and go for me, but yoga is the one thing I never miss.

Here’s what I pinned this week.

A few of my favourite pins - 8

1. The ocean I seriously love the water and could dive right into this now. Everyone around me seems to be going on holiday and I’m jealous. *sigh* My time will come, but good God I’m impatient.

2.  Pretty stamps I’m all for post and parcels, but even more so when it’s pretty. I got a lovely parcel from Papermash this week and it was sealed with gorgeous washi tape – guaranteed to make me ‘oooh’ before I even open it!

3. Garden design I have a bit of a crush on Jenna Lyons and her J Crew designs. It’s one of my must-shop stores when I go to the US, and I’ve totally fallen in love with her ex-back garden. Grass + stepping stones + curved steps = perfection. Can they sell garden plans in their stores?

4. Chocolate cake My aunt has her own cake business and I like to help her out with cakey inspiration. It’s a tough job but sometimes if I send her cake ideas, she sends me samples! I’m definitely sending this to her. Yum.

5. Cake stand perfume holder Hello – why haven’t I thought of this? So simple. And I really like the fretwork panel behind.

6. Yoga Not just for the super bendy, or LA-types – it’s a mental workout as well as physical. And you get to lie down for 15 minutes at the end. My favourite type of exercise.

What are you up to this weekend – chilled out or superbusycrazy?

Have a great weekend.



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