A few of my favourite pins – 9

Hello Friday! Whoop. Today has been great. Fun team day at work + leaving early in the sun + drinking wine and making dinner with Mr J = Happy me.

Here are my favourites this week…


1. Spots & stripes place setting Could it be any more perfect? I’m already thinking this has DIY written all over it with wallpaper.

2. Edible doilies Doilies That you can eat? My inner 50’s housewife life is complete.

3. Wardrobe issues I say this every day. Every day! Sigh.

4. Diamond stacking rings I’m sorry Mr J, really I am. But the magpie in me really likes shiny things/rings!

5. Glittery DIY vase I mean, why would you not have 100 of these. Get me some glitter!

6. Skydeck at Sears Tower I’m happy to say I’ve been here and done this. And I loved it. I really love heights and looking at the world below. Is that odd?

7. Black border stair runner A strong black edging on this sisal stair runner with the black bannister is perfection. Why don’t I have more stairs?

Check back tomorrow for the much talked about extension update!

Have a great weekend,

Nicky xoxo


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