The extension – an update

After my moany/ready-to-jack-it-all-in/hysteria-fuelled post about all the things that had been going wrong – things started going right. In fact, I think the weather gods heard my whingeing and decided to dry it up. Even I was getting bored of my moaning.

Here’s a before and after that makes me happy – and some pics from during!

A before and after


Not bad in 7 weeks eh?. Even I’m surprised by how quickly it’s moved on. Once we finished digging the footings and the weather dried up progress has been quick. Everything seems to have taken 2 or 3 days which is great, as it always feels like something is happening. And there’s only a week or so before the next stage can start.

After the footings were dug, this is how we got out of the ground.

– Got the concrete poured and waited for that to go off.

– Had the Council inspect the footings and give us the go ahead.

– Had the bricklayers put the walls up. This was quicker than a normal build as we’re cladding the walls eventually, so they only used pretty bricks in a few areas.

– Lifted the steel into place.

– Fitted the roof joists.

– Widened the soakaway, and refilled with shingle and mud.

– Had the the roofer tile the roof and fit the Velux windoes.

This week we’ve also ordered the sliding doors and window – and they’re due to be fitted in about 4 weeks time. And then we’ll be in the dry!

I’m thrilled. We’ve totally ruined the garden, but you can’t make an omlette without breaking an egg. Or should that be, you can’t build an extension without killing your lawn.

Still no word on the garden room – we’re having trouble with piles! Seriously – if anyone knows anyone with a mini piler please let us know! We’re not too worried though as it gives us time to save some more cash and then start on the patio.

The biggest surprise for me has been how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been really liberating throwing on some scruffs and wellies and getting dirty. My nails may never recover and I’m covered in bruises but I’ve tried to help out where I can. Running wheelbaarrows may be my forte! We both had a weekend ‘off’ last weekend and while the lie ins were much needed, we’re both itching to get back out there and get moving!

See – more positive! 🙂 What do you think? Impressed? Or am I becoming an extension bore? (I’ve not resorted to showing strangers pictures of the extension yet)


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