Evolving our spare room

I was looking back through some old pics and realised that our house has evolved. Even in the space of a few years. I spend so much time tweaking and updating small accents in rooms that I can forget how they ever looked.

Evolving of our spare room. 2007 to 2013

Our spare room finds its style

I thought I had found my groove with this house and hadn’t done much re-styling or evolving. But even the smallest updates can give a room a completely new lease of life.

Take our spare bedroom. Spare. Rarely used. Fine.

But every time I went past I had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. It was better than when we moved in – hello purple, swirly ceiling and 80’s door. But it still felt unfinished. So I decided to update it.

The spare room as was

The bed and the furniture had to stay, and the throw and cushions were fine. The old art work was bugging me – it was a DIY by me. I’d found some Designers Guild fabric in the remnant bin and stretched it over canvases. But looking at it now the colours are a bit off, they were too small and hung at the wrong height.

So a trip to Ikea and 3 Ribba frames later I started getting inspired. I picked black frames to tie the look to the colour of the bed frame. It gave the room some oomph and  made it feel less like an unloved spare room.  The art in the frame is actually wallpaper from B&Q. If I was super brave I’d have papered the whole wall, but that’s pushing it and I really didn’t want to put wallpaper on our lovely skimmed, glass-like plastered walls. So frame + wallpaper = win.

I added a new knitted black cushion, again from Ikea. What can I say – I love a pillow. And then a couple of cheap black lamps from Asda.

Spare room shopping picks

Simple wallpaper art, lamps and a textured cushion to update our spare room

Our new and improved spare room

Our new and improved spare room

I feel so much happier with it now. It feels so much more together and a bit more loved.

Have you evolved any rooms lately? And how do you go about it? How long is acceptable before you refresh your look?


2 thoughts on “Evolving our spare room

  1. Hi there, thanks for stepping by my blog today! Wow, what a great example that little changes make for big impact. I love the different textures of the pillows and all within the same color scheme. The art work looks so much better in size, but I would even go bigger. May be even another row of 3 frames – and then lower the whole ensemble a little to fit the proportions? Hard to tell from the picture though.
    All the best, keep up the refreshing…it is spring after all.

    • Thanks Nicola.

      I love the idea of another 3 frames – the wall is definitely big enough to take it. Now… if I can persuade Mr Jones to go back to Ikea! 🙂

      Sure am getting a spring in my step for refreshing! Can it be addictive?!

      Nicky xoxo

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