A few of my favourite pins 4

I really don’t want to be a weather bore. But, what is up with this weather?! This time last year, 21 degrees and sunny. Now? Blustery with the promise of proper snow! Hmmmpff. It’s not helping with our extension let me tell you! I hope that wherever you’re reading this from it’s warm and toasty. […]

Animal magic

With flamingos in hats, owls that sprout flowers and racoons wearing pussy bow blouses a little animal addition to your interiors is a super cute trend. Us Brits love animals and add to that a dash of our infamous eccentricity, some animal inspired pieces in your home is guaranteed to make you smile. Selecting these has been great fun. […]

Style series: Monochrome

Mad about monochrome! Yep, here’s another trend that’s leapt from the catwalk to our home styling. I’m always really drawn to black and white – whether it be in my wardrobe or interiors, it’s a look that I love. It’s so easy but super chic! Our recent spare bedroom update had more than a touch […]

Simple pleasures – a happy Hyacinth

Oh, what a grey Sunday. It’s switched between dull drizzle and dramatic downpours all day. Luckily I had no outdoor plans that would have had to be cancelled. I did nip out this morning (before the rain became utterly torrential) and picked up this gorgeous Hyacinth. Sitting on it’s lonesome in Waitrose, I felt it […]