Dotty about spots

In true fashion blogger ‘what I’m wearing today’ style, I’ve been inspired by my trusty red Zara spotty blouse. It was a great find – not too expensive, colour and pattern. It’s one of my go-to wardrobe staples.

I then thought about how this trend could extend to decor and kept coming back to children’s rooms and a shabby-chic cottage-y vibe. While both styles are great, neither of them work in our Jones Home at the moment. I saw these two pictures on Pinterest which were much more our style.

Spotty wallpaper


1-Spot bathroom


Even though I love them, I’m not that brave. So here I’ve rounded up my picks of how to bring more do-able spots, dots, circles and polkas to life.

Spot shopping picks

Anthropologie door knob / Next ringlet mirror / Laura Ashley wallpaper

Tesco knitted pouffe  / Ikea Dottevik shade / Zara Home goblet

HM Vase / John Lewis cushion / Urban Outfitters rug

My biggest surprise? The circular knitted pouffe from Tesco! Of all places. And under £50 – total bargain.

Keeping to theme, I’m also working on a DIY spotty piece of art – will keep you posted!


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