Simple pleasures – garden goodness

In amongst the utter chaos and dirt of the garden (thanks to the extension) I found some pure loveliness this weekend. I only really started gardening in the last few years – it always felt a bit middle-aged. But once I got over the whole middle-aged thing and decided to try and turn our overgrown yard into a garden, I started to enjoy it. I’m very slowly finding my green fingers – helped by my mum and nan, who both love the phrase ” you need to cut it right back”. Honestly, they’re like garden butchers but obviously doing something right as their gardens are gorgeous. I’m starting to see results from things I’ve actually planted, as well as stuff that just appears on its own. Gardening is a bit like magic!

Garden goodness

I love this teeny tiny white flower that covers so many branches in my garden. I’ve never really noticed it before, but they’re like baby daisies!

This cheery, lone daffodil is fab. He’s bright and proud. And slightly random, but fab nonetheless.

I planted about 20 Anenomes at the same time as this one, but this is the only survivor. You win some, you lose some. It’s been in bloom for ages so it’s the king of the pack – even after todays downpour.

The Tulips are fab – I love the pointed tips before they open. They all sway together depending on where the sun is. And they really cheer me up when the rest of the front of the house looks like a builders depot.

Grape Hyacinths. Such a gorgeous colour and these guys are breeding! Fine by me – I’ll be happy with a bright purple carpet of them!

With a total scene of extension related carnage (mud, cement, wood, tools, holes etc) it’s a real joy to see some springy flowers popping up. I’m looking forward to seeing what pops up next.

Have you got any garden goodies? Any tips for a budding gardener? And how do mums and nans know all this stuff? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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