Exposed brickwork

As things are finally going well on the extension I’ve really started to get a feel for how the space will be. And how we’ll live in it. I don’t know about you, but looking at drawings and plans are ok, but I only really get it when I’m in the space.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time standing in our roofless, doorless, windowless space recently. We’ve been getting to know each other like all new relationships. And, of course I’ve been plotting how we’ll decorate.

One of the first things that struck me was this wall.

Our new old outside wall

It’s been our outside wall for so long, and I’ve never considered it as an insider. (Please excuse the mess etc. And see the boxes in the right hand window? Yeah, those are 6 huge boxes in my living room with windows in. As you do!) Once everything else is in, this’ll be pretty much the only wall in the extension. With sliding doors, a large window, and a wall of storage we’re not left with much. I always assumed we’d plaster it and paint it like the rest of the house. But in true Carrie Bradshaw style, “I got to thinking”. What if we didn’t plaster this wall and kept it as exposed brickwork? (cue dreamy fade out shot with cute music.)

Here’s some lovely examples that are inspiring me at the moment.

Exposed brickwork - funky office

How much work would you get done here?! Erm, loads. So stylish. Via

Sideboard, chair and print

This is making me itch to get going. Sideboard + huge art work = LOVE! Via

Pale exposed brickwork

Pale and interesting – lovely texture and interest in an entryway. Via

Brickwork in a white room

Hello! Gorgeous white and bright open plan living, with gorgeous brickwork. Via

I’m totally torn. I really can’t decide! What do you think? Exposed brick work ahoy? Or plaster that wall and be gone with the bricks?


3 thoughts on “Exposed brickwork

  1. I flippin love exposed bricks and was desperate to leave an exposed wall in our spare room. It doesn’t look like it’ll happen now but I think it can look amazing x

    • I thought you might like it – I can definitely imagine it in your lovely home. I do love it. And normally I know straight away what I want, but I can’t quite decide at the mo. Should I, shouldn’t I? x

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