A few of my favourite pins – 7

What a week! The first five-dayer in what seems like forever is finally over and I’m pooped. I’m totally ready for bed – is 7pm too early for a 30-something? Can’t we just all agree to work four-day weeks in future? They’re much more fun.

I’ve been a busy bumble bee this week, so no blog posts but there are some coming up. After my whingeing post about how hideous the extension was, we’ve turned a corner and it’s going really well. I’m a happy gal. A much more positive update coming soon.

Here are my preferred pins from this week…

A few of my favourite pins - 7

1. Pattern clashing bedroom Sooooo good. It just works. Even with 8 different patterns and colour. This is my inspiration for a little decor problem I’ve got at the mo. I’m looking at clashing patterns but something’s missing. I might post my quandry soon.

2. Fiat 500 Adorable. What’s not to love? My favourite car of all time. In mint. With a soft top and a picnic basket. *faints*

3. Lipstick picture This made me think of a 13 year old me. I’d kiss my school books all the time, normally wearing Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer.

4. Colour co-ordinated wardrobe In my dream-dream world this is how my wardrobe would look. Organised, sorted by colour and on matching hangers. (The reality is some way from this!)

5. Open living space Double doors. Bright light. Round table. I’ve totally fallen for this  look – decision made. Expect to see it soon at Casa J.

6. Dolly Parton  Oh Dolly, you’re so purrrdy.

7. Washi tape cups In black and white – of course! I have a mini-confession… I love washi tape too much to use it. Is that odd? I have stationery hoarding issues, I know.

If you like what you see – have a look at all my boards here. All sorts of goodness – I take no responsibility for how much you’ll want to spend!

So, what have you got planned this weekend? A soft-top cruise in a Fiat 500 with a picnic? Hoarding your washi tape? Or listening to Dolly Parton on repeat?

Whatever you’re up to, have a good one!

Nicky x


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