A few of my favourite pins – 6

What a difference an hour makes – I’m writing this and it’s still (just about) light outside. British Summer Time is here – now we just need a touch of summer! The lighter evenings have massively improved my bear-like winter-hibernation tendencies. And I’m a bit more inspired to get working on a few projects including some updates around the house.

I also bought some lovely goodies from The White Company this week. I bought them online and squealed when they arrived – they’re so much lovelier in real life than on their lovely website. Score. Don’tcha just love it when that happens? I’ll maybe post on them next week.

Here’s my favourites from this weeks stash…

A few of my favourite pins 6

1. DIY paper lanterns These look so cool, and totally do-able. I think they’d be great for a summer party outside hung from some trees.

2. Zip line in Switzerland Wow – how fun does this look? I know I’d be less than subtle and scream all the way down.

3. Christian Laboutins Hello girls!

4. Striped entrance I’m so drawn to stripes. This hallway mixes bold wallpaper with a graphic floor – but kept to the same tones it works brilliantly. The simple console is inspired and the gold chunky mirror adds some bling.

5. Nutella cheesecake Dinky, individual pots. Antiqued dessert spoons. Nutella cheesecake. Yum. You had me at Nutella.

6. RSVP I adore this. So funny – this would definitely make sure there were no stragglers to reply to any parties or events. ‘Will not be there – heard there’d be people with bells on.’

Have a fab weekend all – be careful, it’s meant to get up to a balmy 9 degrees. What are you up to?

Nicky x


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