A few of my favourite pins 5

Phew – we made it! After a busy week in London I’m so happy for a few days off. I hope you’re enjoying the Easter break.

At Casa Jones we were hoping to be putting the roof on the extension this weekend but – the weather has been against us. We don’t have walls let alone a roof! But, fingers crossed we may have walls this weekend. The bricklayers have arrived, they’re drinking tea like it’s going out of fashion and the sun seems to be peeking out of the clouds.

Here’s this weeks pick of the pins.

A few of my favourite pins 5

1. Retro travels In true Miranda style – such fun! This shot makes me happy. I adore their style – so casual. And Fiat 500’s are my favourite.

2. Kindness and mischief What a combo. And one that I intend to be always! 🙂

3. Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg I’m really hoping I wake up to one of these on Sunday morning. How does it work? Is it like Christmas when you have to be good? Yum!

4. Bright flowers and graphic table linen Swoon! Where can I get this table linen from? It makes the colours of the flowers pop so much more.

5. Neutral decor I just love this room. It’s so sophisticated. I’d maybe add a colourful cushion to the sofa – and then sit back and relax.

6. Cupcake fondue Simply genius. Mini cakes, melted chocolate and toppings – why have I not done this before?!

Happy Easter!

Nicky xoxo


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