Easter decor

I know I sound old when I say this, but this year is flying by! I can’t believe that Easter is just over a week away. I feel like I just took the Christmas decorations down.

Given the current muddy/messy/chaotic state of the house at the moment, we don’t have any grand plans. We want to use the four-day weekend to get as much done on the house and extension as possible. And as the Mom-in-Chief will be in sunny Florida over Easter, hosting the family lunch falls to us in-between the mucky extension stuff.

In an ideal world I’d plan the menu and decor, and then spend a few leisurely weekends gathering the items I need to make it wonderful and stylish. In reality I’ll be juggling bricklayers, deliveries, bacon sarnies and an underground stream! So I can only think about easy options and reusing what I have already. I also want to keep it as cheap as possible as the extension is draining my bank account quickly.

Here’s some of my inspiration….


1. This is so simple and chic. Just need to grab a few egg cups and some cuttings from the garden.

2. I don’t really like hot cross buns and fruit cake, so cupcakes are how we roll at Casa Jones. The decoration is do-able but looks great.

3. A mismatched table is bright and cheery. I think I could pull this look together with what I already have, and finish it off with some floral bunting.

4. Just wicker basket and a mix of different eggs – topped off with some herbs. Gorgeous styling. I’d never have thought of this – thank you Pinterest!

5. Colourful tulips – even if there is no other decor in our house, I will have a big bunch of spring flowers.

6. Fancy Wedgewood china – a special lunch requires special dinnerware.

7. A little Lindt bunny has to be part of our long weekend – sat in a cupcake wrapper with some filling.

8. A lovely calm, simple setting with a natural linen runner and glasses. Very elegant.

9. Everyday eggs prettied up with a white paint pen. No messy paint jobs here.

As the surroundings at Casa Jones are so very grey at the moment (mud, chalk, bricks and more mud) I’d like to inject some colour and fun Easter elements to brighten things up. I’ll definitely use a few of these as a starting point – I’ll let you know how it turns out.

What are your plans for Easter? Have you got a DIY list you’re going to tick off or is it a family filled fiesta? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.


5 thoughts on “Easter decor

  1. I was looking forward to doing some easter themed craft with my little guy and having a cool egg hunt around the garden. Unfortunately dad has to work this easter so my plans won’t be as grand but nan and pop will be able to fill in.
    Nicole from blog boss byw.

  2. I like the idea with the white paint pen, but I can`t help but think that it is a little impractical. How could you eat that? Well, you could empty out the actual egg before painting or decorating, but part of the fun has always been eating the eggs for me. I think that if you wanted to do that, a better system would be to take a hard boiled egg, draw a design with a white crayon, then dip the drawn egg into onion skins. Stickers would probably work as well as crayon, if you removed it after dyeing. You know, I think you`ve inspired a new post for me. Thank you!

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