A few of my favourite pins 4

I really don’t want to be a weather bore. But, what is up with this weather?! This time last year, 21 degrees and sunny. Now? Blustery with the promise of proper snow! Hmmmpff. It’s not helping with our extension let me tell you! I hope that wherever you’re reading this from it’s warm and toasty.

On a more positive note, we’re hurtling towards Easter and the lovely prospect of a long weekend. Just a wild weather-filled weekend and a few more days at work to get through first. Pop back tomorrow when I’ll share with you my Easter interior plans and some inspiration.

Here are my pick of the pins this week….

A few of my favourite pins - 4

1. The Bahamas *Swoon* I bet they don’t have snow do they?!

2. Sunny Rannuculus I love these flowers, but have real trouble finding them. I can’t seem to buy them anywhere and my attempts at growing them last year failed. Any ideas?

3. Slouchy jumper and scarf Standard wear this weekend methinks. If we have to still wear scarves, let them be leopard print – my favourite type!

4. Button biscuits Yum. How cute do these look? A cold weekend definitely calls for some baking. I’m going to channel my inner Delia and give them a go.

5. Iris Apfel How cool is Iris? I’d love to be in her gang. She has style in bucketloads.

6. Stella McCartney floor  Parquet-style floor. Pinks, creams, blacks. Stella McCartney store. What a combo. I think the floor looks amazing and adds loads texture and colour.

If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, you can find me here.

Happy Friday!



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