DIY make-up brush holder

Storage, storage, storage – you can never have enough.

And so in a new year effort to be a bit tidier in my bedroom I created a little make-up brush holder.

I won’t say this is the most complicated make – as it’s not. But it was cold outside, I was stuck inside due to the snow and it was this or the ironing. I grabbed a few odd items from round the house and channelled my inner Blue Peter presenter and this is the result.

Frame 1

1. You’ll need an old tin, a blob of glue and some twine.

2. Stick twine to tin and wrap.

3. Fill with brushes!

4. Ta da.

Make up brush holder

I’ve already made one for my sister – and I think Becca over on Beauty Spot could do with some too! As a result we’re drinking coffee faster than ever before – and I’m stalking the supermarket aisles for attractive sized tins!

Do you ever pretend to be a Blue Peter presenter and make stuff? What would you store?


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