These are a few of my favourite pins…

See what I did there?!

Yup, I’m slightly addicted to Pinterest at the moment. It has a knack of sucking you in. It also has a knack of making me hungry (so many recipes),  making me poor (clothes, holidays, shoes, bags, jewellery) and making me want to craft odd things (crayon art anyone?).

It is virtual though so a good way to help me curb my spending, as well as getting loads of ideas for the extension.

So here is my round-up of my favourite pins this week.


1. The W Retreat & Spa, Maldives.  Oh I could lie on those sunbeds a while!

2. Cluster necklace. Big statement necklace in a beautiful colour – I’d get so much wear from this

3 . Sitting room with pink chairs.  I’d never be brave enough, but I love the dark walls with the bright chairs

4. Olivia Palermo at NYFW.  Does OP ever wake up and think, ‘I just have nothing to wear?’

5. Be cool print. My new mantra.

6. Origami bow tutorial. I reckon it’ll take me about 72 attempts – but I will master this!

Have a fab weekend all,



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