The extension part 2 – prepping

Last weekend, 9 weeks after we decided to build an extension we did something. Not a lot, but it’s still a start. I’m super impatient, so 9 weeks has been an age. I am fully aware though that it’s pretty good going in terms of timelines for a big build.

Pink Hunter wellies, essential builder kit

Pink Hunter wellies, essential builder kit

We want to make this extension as cheap as possible, knowing that they aren’t cheap and where we can, save money, or make a bit of money. So first job was to take up as many of the patio slabs as possible and sell them. We did the same last year when we did the drive, and someone took them off our hands for about £2 a slab. Every little helps. There’s been a huge amount of debate between me and Mr J about these slabs. He hates them. Honestly despises them. I like them. Although a bit grubby, they’re solid, square, kind of utilitarian. (Did I just say that about patio slabs?!) But, he won and they have to go. We are going to add a new patio at the back of the extension – it’ll connect the new bit with the garden room. So any money made will go towards the new slabs. Plus these beasts are heavy, so getting someone to take them away is a good plan.

We also cut down a fairly innocent tree. But it was in the way and had to go. Mr J hacked it down, with some precision cutting. Clever boy. And I then chopped it up and distributed the remnants to neighbours for their open fires and log burners. I also discovered, about 12 hours later that I am allergic to that tree. My eyes and I are pleased it’s gone.

With a bit of tidying up, work wellies found and a lot of looking at the house in its current state – we’re on the way to starting. As long as we don’t get a return of snow, we’re due to start digging at the beginning of March.


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