Love is…

… different things for different people.

But for me, today, love is Mr J buying me some builder gloves. What an angel.

Slightly creepy but very practical!

Slightly creepy but very practical!

Although not traditionally romantic, they may be one of my favourite gifts from him – so thoughtful and guaranteed to make me laugh. We were clearing some of the garden ready for the extension last week and I kept dropping the patio slabs as my hands were freezing. I’m also have no arm strength but he believed the whole freezing-hand thing! I also suffer with eczema and my fingers have been really bad lately – I blame the cold. So I said I could do with some work gloves to stop them getting any worse. And he remembered. So cute I could cry. I am such a lucky girl.

I’ve been really surprised by the reactions of friends and colleagues to today’s love-fest. Some are disgusted by the whole thing – too commercial, way too cheesy, not romantic at all. But others are talking about Valentines Day with little love hearts floating round their heads and a dewy-eyed gaze ready to smooch it up this evening. I’m an old romantic so I’m bowled over by some of the sweet gestures friends are making today. Cupid is most definitely alive and well in 2013.

Us? Well we do do Valentines Day, but on the down low. Nice dinner at home, cheeky weekday champers, some little pressies and a kidnap thriller movie! It’s also one of the few days of the year I can use my heart shaped cake tin. Love sponge coming right up!

So which camp are you in? Pro or against public declarations of lurve. Do you make everyday Valentines? What’s been your most odd but thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?


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