Deciding what we want

I can’t stand faffing.

So when it came to deciding exactly what we wanted for our extension and garden room, it was a fairly faff-free process.

When we bought the house it was a traditional 80’s four-bed. With four good-sized bedrooms – one with en-suite. A main bathroom, downstairs loo, a living room and a separate kitchen and dining room.

It was a tough call, but we decided to change the kitchen!

It was a tough call, but we decided to change the kitchen!

One of our first jobs was knocking through the kitchen and into dining room. It was a total no-brainer as the two rooms on their own didn’t quite work, and decorated in their original 80’s glory they were in dire need of an overhaul. Once we bashed through the wall we made the original dining room window into patio doors and changed the entry doors from a single to a double.

kitchen to d room during 2

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the modern kitchen-diner (dinner smells, dishwasher noise, your guests seeing how messy a cook you really are) the room works brilliantly. But it does mean that we only have one reception room. While not a massive problem it is on my list of ‘if we ever moved these are the things I’d like to have’. List item no. 13 – at least two reception rooms. Bingo – extend along the back for an extra reception room.

But while we’re on the dream-house list I’d like an office.

One of our bedrooms is currently an office. Well, it’s an office of sorts. More an office/dumping ground/laundry/storage. We had a desk in there, but it never got used. So I sold it along with the redundant swivel chair and replaced by a super handy storage chest. Last summer we decided to make an office/garden room after we cleared an old shed in the garden. It sat on the old concrete base for the original oil tank and we were pretty happy to have a little project – building it ourselves over the next summer or two. It’d mean that one of our bedrooms could return to being a bedroom and working from home would feel a bit more official, rather than slouching around in PJs with the temptation of the TV!

So once we’d decided to do the extension it made sense to do the two together. In for a penny…

The plan is to clad them both in wood so they have the same look and feel. Eventually we want to clad the ‘sticky-out’ bit of front part of the house the same way, but that is waaaaaaaay down the line. Both the extension and the garden room will have sliding doors and hopefully be useful additions to our home.

So there you have it: one extra reception room and one garden room for the crazy couple in the village coming right up!

Do you have a dream house list? What would be the one thing you’d add if you could?


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