Trinkets and treasures

I tend to gab on a bit, so these are going to be short posts based on my treasure finds. Hopefully I’ve bought them, or they may be on my ever-growing lust list. Damn you Pinterest!

First up… this utter delight!

photo (2)

I saw this on a covet list of fellow blogger El, on her blog, a wee while ago. (I later went on to hire her as our in-house blogger at work! She’s ace) I treasure-hunted it in Oliver Bonas on Upper Street (on our 2nd date – more on that soon) from *insert girly scream* … the sale rail. Gasp!

Originally £15, I snapped it up for £4.50 (after a slightly embarrassing, but it-is-a-recession-so-it’s-ok haggle over a teeny imperfection). Ker-ching.

Shiny. Metallic. Stripy. What’s not to love?

I’d like to introduce you to my new jewellery dish. Ta daaaaaa.

photo (2)

*Still haven’t got the hang of this short post thing. Ooopsie.

Nicky xoxo


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