Simple pleasures

I adore fresh flowers in the house. If I could, I’d have bunches and bunches in every room, every week of the year. I even have a far-off, romantic dream of opening a florist-come-tea-shop-come-knick-nack-shop one day. (Although just one stab from a thorn makes me think that I’m not cut out for cut flowers – let alone the 4am starts.)

But, I have a confession. One that’s not likely to please any florists out there. For a while now, I’ve only bought reduced-price flowers. Budget blooms. Frugal flowers. Penny-pinching posies. Call ’em what you will, but I realised that the little ‘oops’ sticker on flowers doesn’t seem to affect them at all. The modern-day craze for giving everything a sell-by date has extended to flowers too. More often than not you buy them cut-price and they’re not even open, so you’re guaranteed a bloom in the very near future. And in my experience you’ll be blessed with healthy looking flowers for at least a week and a half. Best result I had was 3 weeks with some amazing pink tiger lillies.

So first up, are these gorgeous daffs from Waitrose. I do love daffodils. They always make me think of my lovely Welsh nan, and they are so cheery! Just like her. They’re normally super cheap anyway – only £1 a bunch. But these beauts were reduced to 48p each, and weren’t even close to opening.


Lamp – The White Company (a few years back now)
Candles – The White Company, Henri Bendel, Next
Silver tray – Achica
Nest of tables – Next (but found on ebay)

What are your favourite flowers? Do you think they’re a necessity or a treat. Or do you wait for someone to buy them for you? And what’s the oddest thing you’ve seen a sell-by date on? Flowers, make-up, screen wash for your car……


One thought on “Simple pleasures

  1. I’m with you – I love fresh flowers in the house. Receiving a bouquet is so rare but it makes it all the more special! I desperately need more bases though!

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