Fancy another sausage? Shall we build an extension?

Odd. But honest to goodness this is how the conversation went that started our extension.

Mr J’s answer – with a bite of the third sausage – was yes.


We moved into our amazing house 5 years ago, when it was quite frankly, a lot less amazing. It was a complete homage to the 80’s. And not in a cool, retro, tongue-in-cheek way. It was hideous, dated and very yuuuugggggh. But that’s a whole other post.

When we first moved in we knew we had a hell’a lot of work to do and talked about an extension. It made sense to do it at a time when we were making plenty of mess anyway. But we both agreed that it really wasn’t something the house, or we needed. The house has 4 bedrooms and there are only the 2 of us. The lounge is a great size. The kitchen-diner is a dream. And with 2 bathrooms and a downstairs cloakroom what would we gain with an extension? So the answer was a firm no. No extension for us thanks.

But, a few weeks after our 5 year house-i-versary I started thinking about an extension when I was putting dinner on infact. Sausages, potato wedges and a salad in case you’re wondering. The dullness of this dinner could be why we’re about to embark on a project – easy dinner requiring no brain power + me = extension.

My stream of consciousness went a little like this…I love our house. The house is perfect for us. We’ve just got it how we want it. But, we only have the one reception room. And with 4 bedrooms it feels a teeny bit top-heavy. If I put the wedges in now I’ll put the sausages in at about ten past. And one of the bedrooms is used as the office. And I suppose we could have another reception room. It’d be great if we could have a separate office, I’d love to work from home but not at home if you know what I mean. Salad.

So, I served up dinner, relayed my in-head conversation (minus the cooking bits) to Mr J and by the time he’d finished the third sausage we’d planned it, priced it, agreed to it and dug out the architects phone number. Thank the God of husbands for my easy-going one! He is ace.

So there you have it – a third sausage for Mr J and a pretty huge extension for our Jones Home.

How do you plan your projects? Are you impulsive or plan all the details to the nth degree? Do you often wonder why you don’t just give your husband three sausages to begin with??


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