The 13 ‘dates’ of 2013


Paris is always a good idea.

One of our ‘things’ for 2013 is to have more adventures. Sometimes as a couple we get a bit – well, old-married-couple. We want to have some really juicy boasts ready for when people ask ‘what did you do at the weekend?’. Living in the sticks means it’s easier to throw on some trackie bottoms, slump into the sofa and hope that the Sky planner can entertain us for an hour than actually leave the village.

So, we’re going to try and have one date night or date day a month, for the whole year (plus one extra as it sounds so much better. ’12 for 2013′ got on my nerves). Majorly American I know, but a nice idea that should help us escape from the octopus-like clutches of our sofa and really up the ante with the Monday morning boast-fests at work.

First up – a biggie. Paris.

Super exciting. We’re setting the standard high – the next 12 won’t be as glam for sure. We last visited Paris about 8 years ago, when we were firmly dating and hadn’t got into a routine of stretchy pants and rubbish tv. Will report back next week and practice my smug ‘This weekend? Oh, we went to Paris’ line.

What do you think about date nights? American tradition worth adopting or really not needed? Or are you the kind of couple who don’t do leisure wear? Have you got any couple-y days or nights planned?


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