I think it was as the kindly mail man at work delivered the 13th box that I realised I’m a bit excessive. Or it was perhaps when one of my team asked me if I’d won the lottery? Either way I was slightly embarrassed at my 13-box shopping mountain surrounding my desk.

So, I did a ‘bit’ of internet sale shopping. I do love a bargain. I tried to kid myself that it wasnt that bad as the shops kept splitting the orders and delivering them in separate packages. Duh – that still means that I’ve bought at least 13 things!


One of my new year resolution was to stop spending money on things I don’t need. I can justify all of my 13 boxes ( I think the figure of things was actually higher – aaaggghhh!). Some of them were gifts, stationery, house items. Christmas wrapping paper, a new mobile, shoes for me, shoes for the husband….. the list goes on.

But it has got me thinking about the volume and excess.

Is it totally bonkers that I’ve bought two pendant lights and a table lamp for the extension when we haven’t even got the drawings back? Should I be able to curb my spending without living a hippie/new age/Swampy lifestyle?

We had a conversation at work before Christmas about baking and I proudly boasted that I bake a cake at least once a week. ‘But who eats them all?’, the team asked. Erm – we do. Me and Goldenballs. The two of us. OINK OINK. It suddenly hit me – one cake a week for two people is excessive.

I blame my star sign – I’m a Gemini. Some people say two faced. But I say polarised. If I like it, I really, really like it. If not, I’m not botherd.

Shopping and cakes I like.

So, in an effort to stick to some kind of resolution I’m going to try and not shop as much. And bake a lot less.

Do you have any excesses to confess to? What can’t you resist?


2 thoughts on “Excess

  1. I understand the spending – I think most people love the thrill of the spend, of having something new for a while. You’re not alone lady x

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