Not a new year cliche!

Hello bloggersphere!

So, it’s New Years Eve and therefore I am not a new year cliche. I’m not starting something new on the 1st day of the 1st month of the new year. Surely that needs a whoop!

Phew. (Cutting it fine as ever, with a few hours to go!)

So why blogging and why now? Well, 2013 will be the start of our new house extension project and looking back I wish I’d kept a better diary of our house projects over the last 5 years. It’s fairly simple to do and I think I can keep it up. (kiss of death right there – 3 posts and that’ll be it!)

We’ve got the plans being drawn up but no permission yet so we are in the early stages. But in true Lewis-Jones style I’ve already bought a lamp and two lights for the extension, pinned my inspiration and know every rug, sofa and paint colour we’ll need. Mr Jones despairs!

But until we get going with the actual work I thought I’d have a think about NYE stuff. It’s that time of year for reflection (& the modern trend for bitching about how bad 2012 was) and time for planning into 2013.

A 2012 round up for me and Mr Jones has to include:
-5 weddings, 4 babies and 2 pregnancies (it’s like I hit 30 and everyone gets wed and sprogged up!)
– 4 amazing holidays; Nice, Majorca, Puglia and the USA. We saw the sun and everything!
– The olympics and paralympics – turning me from a sceptical doubter to a flag waving, screaming cheerleader.
– And deciding once we’ve finally finished our 5 year house project to add an extension. Sensible.

And the to-do list for 2013 (note, not resolutions)
– House extension
– More dates with the husband
– Less time on the internet and more time being present in real life (I get the irony as I’m writing this blog)
– Spend less on things I don’t need
– Eat less and exercise more.
– Look like Beyonce

The last three will be broken by the first week in January! I’m only human.

Whatever you’re doing tonight; glam night out or pj night in – I wish you and yours a happy new year, may 2013 bring you everything you deserve.



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